Working with clients in winter


The magic of winter

A warm welcome on behalf of the Gentle Trauma Release Institute! We are honored by your presence in our community!


The seasons of the year affect human beings in many varied ways. By definition, our client work will also be affected by the changing seasons in that the way we work with clients will differ from one season to another.


Every season holds a different potential, offering very specific opportunities for more healing and growth. At the same time, every season brings up a unique set of challenges. This is true for winter as well.Ā 


Winter isn’t just a change in the weather. Winter invites us to slow down, find warmth in our hearts, and nurture our bodies and minds while nature is sleeping and resting.Ā 


Access Video Class

The class How To Work With Clients In Winter is a real, live class offered to our Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ© students. We would love to share it with you so you can feel what it’s like to be in a Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ© Training class with us…learning and sharing together. Surrounded by those who share the same dream as you.


Anticipating the opportunities and challenges of the winter season leads to an even more profound and powerful work. You are going WITH the flow of nature, instead of going against it.

Enjoy the learning!

Explore the training

TheĀ Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© Training is an online program that will teach you everything you need to know to acquire superior trauma release skills…and so much more! The Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© is specifically designed for practitioners working in the framework of coaching, counselling, healing, natural health and other therapeutic or helping profession settings.Ā 


How to enroll and join

ToĀ make the Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© Training accessible to as many students as possible, we are now offering level-by-level access. You can start at Level 1 and later proceed to the higher levels to unlock the more advanced layers of training and learning. Alternatively, you can enroll in a training bundle. This will allow you to unlock several training levels right away and enjoy substantial savings.

The video below gives you a detailed tour of our Student Platform…featuring Level #1 of the Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ©Ā Training.

Would you like to speak to us?

If youĀ have any questions about the Gentle Trauma Release CertificationĀ© Training or if you wish someone to lend you a listening ear before you decide, we have two Admissions Liaisons to help you.

Both of our Admissions Liaisons are certified Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ© Practitioners who use the Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© in their practice. They will be happy to share their experience Ā with you and guide you on your next steps.


Ramona Kosswan

Ramona is one of the first certified Gentle Trauma Release PractitionersĀ©. She keeps having incredible healing results using the Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© with her clients.Ā 


Janina Schick

Janina incorporated the Gentle Trauma Release MethodĀ© into her holistic client practice and can’t imagine being without it. She belongs to our faculty staff which means she knows the training inside out.

This brochure offers detailed information about the curriculum of the Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ© Training.

Thank you for considering joining the Gentle Trauma ReleaseĀ© Training and contributing to the mission to make this a kinder, gentler world for all of us to live in…