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My name is Izabela Viskupova, LLM, M.A. Psychology and I am the creator of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© which has completely revolutionized my client work and my coaching practice. Here is the story in a nutshell:

For years and years, I searched for a concise training that would teach me how to help my clients release their traumas in a powerful, efficient and reliable way. A training that would allow me to do this within the framework of my coaching practice…But, I never found one! 

After  a decade of intensive client work and refining my approach to healing trauma, I have developed a comprehensive and eloquent system called the Gentle Trauma Release Method©.

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© has yielded extraordinary results time and time again. It has allowed me to elevate my clients to a level that I never believed was possible! The time has come to share it

Izabela Viskupova, LLM, M.A. Psychology

This method is a comprehensive system to teach you how to facilitate a deep and long-lasting trauma release in your clients and how to do that in a way that is applicable to coaching, counseling, and other therapeutic settings.

What is this method?

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is an elegant system of simple interventions designed to facilitate a deep and reliable trauma release and lasting healing from trauma. It has the power to restore human beings back to their natural state of well-being and balance!



This video explains what the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is about.

Making things easy …

It’s not always easy to cut through the massive amount of information out there and make sense of it. We made it our mission to make things easy and accessible for learning, even for Practitioners with no background in Psychology or trauma. What we’d like to contribute with is a comprehensive learning system that will teach you how to help clients heal from trauma, specifically applicable to coaching, counseling, and other therapeutic settings in a way that is easy to master, clear, and most of all, practical. 

Would you like to...?

Become utterly and uncompromisingly competent in helping clients with traumatic symptoms.

Master the art of releasing traumatic memories and traumatic emotions.

Get a solid and comprehensive understanding of trauma even if you’ve never studied it before.

Elevate your coaching, counseling or therapeutic practice. 

Take yourself to a new advanced level of expertise within client work.

Step into humble confidence because you really know what you’re doing with your clients.

Contribute to the wellbeing of the world by helping your clients feel better.

Simply put : If you’d love to feel competent and skilled in helping your clients in and around trauma to propel your client work to an advanced level…the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is for you.

Transformations …

The transformations resulting from the Gentle Trauma Release Method© are unparalleled and mind-blowingly fast. See it for yourself! 

Before and After



This video shows that the Gentle Trauma Release Method© can work quickly.

Why master this method?

Here is the truth: In this day and age, most people carry trauma in their system. If we’re not properly equipped to deal with it, there is only so much we can do for our clients.

Trauma literally changes our biology. It’s no wonder our clients aren’t able to pursue their goals, move forward with their life, but stay anxious or depressed, no matter what we do with them. Their bodies are stuck in survival mode literally all the time believing that the original threat is still out there!

For our clients’ sake, we need to learn how to free trauma from their body…



This video explains why it’s crucial to master trauma release skills.

The  Gentle Trauma Release Method© is here to bring hope to you and your clients. It’s here to show you that there IS light at the end of the trauma tunnel! With Gentle Trauma Release© work incorporated into your practice, your clients will get instant relief, as well as long-lasting healing and resolution of trauma.

Beyond practical …

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is customized to the era we live in, making it possible to work with clients online no matter where they or you are in the world!


More before and afters



This video shows how the Gentle Trauma Release Method© works short-term and long-term.

Resolving chronic issues



This video shows how the Gentle Trauma Release Method© works even on more chronic issues.

Why this training?

Mastering the Gentle Trauma Release Method© and incorporating it into what you offer will propel your work into a whole new level of competence and expertise!

No matter what type of client work you do – whether you’re a coach, counselor or therapist – the Gentle Trauma Release Method© will expand your skills with the ever-present trauma issues.

All you need to know about healing trauma is taught in the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training in a concise, systematic and comprehensive curriculum.


More  importantly…we teach you so much more than just processed and protocols (as so many other modalities do). We offer you a full package: a system that goes beyond protocols and techniques.

The Gentle Trauma Release© Training is a one-stop shop covering all you need to know about trauma release work.

More before and afters



This video demonstrates physical, cognitive and emotional shifts in a client after just a couple of Gentle Trauma Release© sessions.



This video showcases a more difficult case where the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is a powerful option.

Explore …

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training is one of a kind where you get continuous, personalized support offered by expert members of our team! 



The Gentle Trauma Release Institute is proud to be the only, exclusive platform to teach this cutting-edge method! 

After successful completion of our Gentle Trauma Release Method© Certification Training, our students graduate with the designation Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner.

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