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Who we are...

Most mainstream  methods aren’t comprehensive in teaching how to heal from trauma…leaving many of us thinking that we’ll just have to “live with it”. The Gentle Trauma Release Institute is here to spread the message of hope that, with the right tools, the road to trauma recovery and well-being is possible. The Gentle Trauma Release Institute is:

Online platform dedicated to teaching how to help people let go of trauma and restore their system back to its natural state of wellbeing and balance.

Training  and learning environment of the highest quality with its own revolutionary, signature, curriculum-based system called The Gentle Trauma Release Method©.

Part of the movement that makes healing trauma accessible worldwide designed especially for coaching, counseling and other therapeutic settings.

Our mission...

We are here to help decrease emotional suffering caused by trauma in people worldwide.

We aspire to offer top-notch training and education to those who wish to help others heal from trauma.

 We intend to bring hope to those who don’t know that, with the right tools, healing from trauma is possible. 

Because there truly is light at the end of the trauma tunnel!

Who is our team?

 Our team consists of top-notch, highly trained experts and educators. Each person on the team was handpicked based on their level of expertise, commitment to contribute to the field of healing from trauma worldwide, their training and teaching skills and their alignment with the values and mission of the Gentle Trauma Release Institute.

Izabela Viskupova, LLM, M.A. Psychology

LEAD PROFESSOR and FOUNDER of the Gentle Trauma Release Institute

Izabela  is a committed expert in the field of innovative trauma release techniques. With an extensive academic background in both Psychology and Law, and comprehensive training in the fields of counseling and coaching, she is dedicated to researching and teaching the most powerful tools for trauma release applicable to coaching, counseling and other therapeutic settings. The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is the culmination of her extensive, decade-long research and practical experience in working with traumatized clients. Izabela’s mission is for the Gentle Trauma Release Institute to become a platform to nurture Practitioners dedicated to helping others via coaching, counseling, therapy or healing arts.  

As the author of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© and the founder of the Gentle Trauma Release Institute, Izabela is the LEAD PROFESSOR, personally delivering most of the teaching and training material.

Kate Ofman, MA Psychology, MA Social Work

DEAN at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute

Equipped  with with a Master’s degrees in Applied Psychology and another one in Social Work, Kate has dedicated her expertise and devotion to the area of Child Protection, offering help to families with child abuse, neglect, mental health issues, addictions and domestic violence. Her passion is to marry social work with therapeutic and coaching approaches. In her private practice, Kate specializes in helping clients move through trauma and grief and learn how to love themselves again.

Kate’s extensive academic and training background makes her the perfect DEAN at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute, offering students additional expert advice and support. 

Janina Schick


With  a degree in Holistic Health Therapies, Janina has comprehensive knowledge of health and wellbeing. Her passion for fully understanding the human experience and the interconnection of body mind and soul inspired her to widen her skills in a variety of modalities: Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Trauma Healing Methods, Coaching, Reiki, Mindfulness and more. 

Janina`s mission is to support and empower others to grow in self-awareness and understanding of themselves so that they can create and maintain long-lasting health and well-being. She acknowledges, that nothing we experience is random, but rather the result of being multidimensional beings, where our physical body, emotions, mind, and soul communicate with each other, always striving for our highest good and potential. When we get out of balance, our body, mind, and soul present us with different symptoms. By understanding and honoring these symptoms and using them as a guide, we can recognize what lies beyond and can create a healthy life, where fulfillment, joy, and authenticity build the foundation.

Janina is the Holistic Wellbeing Mentor for our Gentle Trauma Release Method© students and graduates, as well as our Social Media Expert.

Lucy Beiler

STUDENT ADVISER  at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute

Lucy is a Personal Wellbeing Coach par excellence. She inspires clients with her own success story of taking her life back after a serious head injury involving chronic pain and memory loss. Her expertise is built on a rich 30-year experience in working with people recovering from head trauma injury and from traumatic childhood memories. 

Lucy is our STUDENT ADVISER. Once you become our student, she will be your eager, resourceful and compassionate go-to person for advice and support.

Parvez  Patel

FINANCE DIRECTOR  at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute

Parvez has an impressive background in the finance industry and we’re extremely lucky to have him. His experience extends from a treasury specialist with extensive operational and technology focus to cash management, cash forecasting, bank reconciliations, payments control, as well as systems and processes to streamline payments.  He is also experienced in Production Accountancy support work within the TV and Media industry. 

Parvez is our FINANCE DIRECTOR, taking good care of running the Gentle Trauma Release Institute from the financial point of view. Other than his impressive work background, he is also an extremely fun and warm person to be around.

Because in the end, it’s all about people with expertise and the heart in the right place!

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