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Student Experience

The quality of the education and training we provide at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute is our top priority! We strive to create an environment where students can grow as professionals, as well as human beings.

The following videos allow you to get a good picture of our students’ experience going through the Gentle Trauma Release© Certification Training . Watch as they share from their hearts…

Your questions answered …

To help new students discover if the Gentle Trauma Release© Certification Training resonates and if it’s an optimal fit, we sat with our past and current students to answer the most common questions. We hope we left no rock unturned. Enjoy!

Why Did You Decide to Take the Training?


Why the Training?

This video explains what motivated the students to take the Gentle Trauma  Release Method© Training.

How Did The Training Help You Professionally?


Professional Results

Find out how the Gentle Trauma Release Method© helped from a professional stand point.

How Did This Work Help You on a Personal level?


Personal Results

In this video, students share how the Gentle Trauma Release Method© helped them on a personal level.


Personal Results

Here is a weight loss journey story of one of our students. It turned out to be about so much more than weight loss…

Can You Share Any Success Stories?


Success Stories 1

There is no bigger joy for us than to witness our students’ successes in using the Gentle Trauma Release Method© with their own clients.


Success Stories 2

With every success, the student’s confidence grows. They see they can truly be of help now.  


Success Stories 3

Seeing the client let go of trauma and come back to themselves is the biggest success of them all. 

What Aspect of the Training Did You Like ?


They liked...

This video explains some of the particular features of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training that the students like.

What Was Your Experience as a Student ?


Student Experience

Watch as the students share their experience going through the Training.

Would You Recommend This Training? Why?


They Recommend

The proof in the pudding is to see our students authentically recommend the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training to others.