Your true path

INVENTORY + Life Purpose In Your Dreams INTERVIEW

What is your true path?

Do you know why you came here? Do you know what your life purpose is and whether or not you walk your True Path?

These questions are deeply personal. Life purpose is about understanding the core essence of who you are and how you can make the most meaningful impact in the world. Your true path, on the other hand, is the journey you undertake to manifest that purpose.

Is helping others through coaching and healing part of your True Path? Are you aligned with your True Path? 

The resources below will help you explore these questions. They will inspire you to act in alignment with your True Path.



The Life Path Inventory is here to help you explore whether coaching and healing is your True Path in life. 

Life Purpose In Your Dreams

Izabela Viskupova, the creator of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© sat down with Life Alignment Expert Heather Driscoll. Izabela shared some of her past dreams with Heather…dreams that had to do with her life purpose and life path.  In this inspirational conversation. Heather interprets those dreams in detail. This fascinating interview will allow you to discover how the symbology contained in dreams gives the dreamer guidance on how to proceed with their Life Path.

Enjoy the conversation!

Walking your path...like you mean it

My dreams helped me recognize that my True Path involves assisting those who came here to “help others heal”. I do this by offering myself as their teacher, mentor and adviser. I poured my heart and soul into the Gentle Trauma Release© Training to walk my own True Path. 


My heart feels content when I think of the support and nourishment available to our students on their journey. Once their Gentle Trauma Release© Training is complete, the path in front of them is clear of obstacles. They can offer their help and healing to those who need it right away. What they need is done for them, ready for the picking.  




To give you an example of “walking one’s true path like you mean it”, here is what I added into the Gentle Trauma Release© Training, above and beyond skills and knowledge:

Explore the training

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training is an online program that will teach you everything you need to know to acquire superior trauma release skills…and so much more! The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is specifically designed for practitioners working in the framework of coaching, counselling, healing, natural health and other therapeutic or helping profession settings. 


Would you like to speak to us?

If you have any questions about the Gentle Trauma Release Certification© Training or if you wish someone to lend you a listening ear before you decide, we have two Admissions Liaisons to help you.

Both of our Admissions Liaisons are certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioners who use the Gentle Trauma Release Method© in their practice. They will be happy to share their experience  with you and guide you on your next steps.


Ramona Kosswan

Ramona is one of the first certified Gentle Trauma Release Practitioners©. She keeps having incredible healing results using the Gentle Trauma Release Method© with her clients. 


Janina Schick

Janina incorporated the Gentle Trauma Release Method© into her holistic client practice and can’t imagine being without it. She belongs to our faculty staff which means she knows the training inside out.

This brochure offers detailed information about the curriculum of the Gentle Trauma Release© Training.

Thank you for considering joining the Gentle Trauma Release© Training and contributing to the mission to make this a kinder, gentler world for all of us to live in…