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You can now enroll in the very first level of Gentle Trauma Release© Training on a payment plan. You can spread your tuition cost for Level #1 of your Gentle Trauma Release© Training over 12 months and enroll right away. 

Here is what awaits you in Level #1 of Gentle Trauma Release© Training:

Modules 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training. This is an exact half of the complete curriculum.

Extra module: The Deep Care Module full of additional training materials and access to live Wellbeing Workshops.

Live  Office Hours happening on a weekly basis where new topics are presented to complement the training material covered in the modules. 

Private  Facebook group open exclusively to Gentle Trauma Release Method© students offering space for questions and sharings.  

Bonuses  intentionally designed to give you all the tools you need to incorporate Gentle Trauma Release© work into your client practice.

Forever changing clients' lives

“I would have never thought it possible to completely transform a client’s life, let alone in one session! This kind of deep and rapid change is often possible with the Gentle Trauma Release Method©.

Before I took the Gentle Trauma Release© Training, I remember thinking “I just opened a can of worms that I have no idea how to deal with” when my clients would share really traumatic things that happened to them.

I’m so grateful for the Gentle Trauma Release Institute and this Training to give me the skills and confidence to help my clients in really impactful ways now.

It was a pleasure learning this brilliant Method and being able to help my clients in a deeper way that will forever change their lives. I’m truly honored to be a Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner .”



It was one of the best decisions I made

“I’m so happy that I did the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have witnessed firsthand the many benefits of the GTR Method© with my clients and I’m so grateful to be a GTR Method© Practitioner!

One of the things I love is receiving messages from clients who have experienced The Gentle Trauma Release Method©. It truly lights my heart up when they say they finally feel at peace within their body.

We are worthy of healing and releasing trauma to feel safe again. Thank goodness I did exactly this with The Gentle Trauma Release Method©.

My dreams have definitely been coming true with this Training. The gift of healing my past trauma has paved the way to help others create a healthy path forward. “



When to choose Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 enables you to opt for a payment plan.

“I can’t imagine being without the Gentle Trauma Release Method© in my practice and my business. Once I had this knowledge and the skills, I was no longer the same!

I couldn’t, in good conscience, keep Gentle Trauma Release© from my clients. Because without using it in my practice, I would feel like I was keeping a secret that could catapult their life in a whole other direction.”

Kelley Jesionowski



This option is best for you if you’d like to…

Master a reliable, trustworthy method of clearing traumatic memories and traumatic emotions for good with long-lasting results. 

Become confident in handling any traumatic event or situation that pops up for your client while you work with them…without feeling like you are too big for your boots.

Dip your toes in before taking your Gentle Trauma Release© studies to a deeper level…perhaps considering that Level #1 might be all you need for the kind of work you do.

Make sure that you take your studies at a pace that is doable for you financially and/or time-wise…knowing that you can always upgrade once you’re ready. 

The results are mind-blowing

I began my journey as a meditation teacher and since that time have broadened my skills to include training in qigong, reiki, yoga nidra and coaching. I’m passionate about sharing the tools that can help ease how stressed someone feels; helping them find their own path to serenity.

When I first witnessed the remarkable results that I saw happening with the Gentle Trauma Release Method©, I knew it was something I needed to learn. I realized that for many, this could be the key that they were missing in their own personal journey and healing.

As I began to work with clients my thoughts were confirmed! They were blown away by how powerful the healing protocols were and as one client told me: “Finally, this is a tool I can use that I know will work for me.”

What I have learned in my studies as a Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner has been invaluable and is now coloring how I approach all of my work. I feel so blessed and grateful to have found it!



Treasures in each module

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© Certification Training is delivered through an online student platform where you can access all your learning materials. Upon signing up, you’ll create your own student account which will allow you to immediately access the program! Here is a depiction of what a typical learning module includes:



  A typical module of the Gentle Trauma Release©  Training is packed with many treasures carefully selected to deliver the deepest learning possible as you work your way through the wholesome curriculum. A typical module will include:

Video Classes: Every module contains the Main Class to introduce the main concepts and Specialty Classes that dive deeper and offer more nuances.

Case Studies: The Gentle Trauma Release©  Case Studies with real-life clients are carefully selected for every module so that they show you how to practically implement the theoretical concepts featured in a specific module. 

Lecture Notes: These are downloadable notes containing detailed summaries of the theoretical Video Classes, as well as key concepts and points to remember in each of the training modules.

Case Study Guides: Judging by the feedback from our students, this resource is priceless. The Case Study Guides tell you exactly what to notice and watch out for minute-by-minute in each of the Case Studies. 


Reflection Assignments: This is an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a Practitioner and reflect on what you witnessed in the Case Studies. You will be encouraged to offer your own insights and observations.

 Answer Keys: The Answer Keys represent an additional layer of mastery for you. They allow you to access further insights into the Case Studies, collected after years of offering feedback to students’ assignments.

 Healing Protocols: The Gentle Trauma Release© Healing Protocols are detailed instructions presented in a document (sometimes also audio) form, allowing you to guide your clients with ease and confidence.

“This Gentle Trauma Release© work is so important and rewarding! Here is what I mean:

Not long ago, I worked with a gentleman client. This gentleman has lived with anxiety since he was 11. He feels he was born with it. His dad and grandfather also had anxiety.

Now, this client is in his mid-sixties. In his life, he has had extensive psychotherapy and other kinds of help to tackle his anxiety. After our third Gentle Trauma Release© session, he is anxiety-free for the first time in his life!!! He felt the Gentle Trauma Release© work should also come with a “warning”. He had no idea it would be so profound.

So, Gentle Trauma Release©, thank you! I just thought you should know what a gift this is for all of us and the people we get to work with.  I am truly excited about where the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is taking me. I cannot thank you enough.”

Kim Murphy


Client Materials: There are different kinds of materials that clients benefit from as you do the Gentle Trauma Release© work with them (e.g. Intake forms, Instructions handouts, Audio recordings). These will be offered to you so you can use them with your own clients, too. 

Quizzes: Every module includes at least one quiz so that you can feel confident and ready before moving forward to the next module.  

Checklist: To help you plan your studies, every module includes a checklist of learning tasks to be tackled before you move forward with your studies.



The Deep Care Module is here make sure that you feel cared for and supported both as a student as well as a future Practitioner. We’d like to make sure that you have what you need, in very practical terms, to take care of yourself as you give to others.

Deep Care Playbook: The Deep Care Playbook is here for you to help you establish a sustainable, consistent and easy-to-implement Practitioner Self-Care. This is crucial: The way we take care of ourselves as Practitioners affects how we show up for our clients.

FasciaTraining: In this class, you’ll learn about an unexpected ally that you can call on for help in order to support your own wellbeing long-term. You’ll learn in detail about fascia, including its connection to trauma.

Psoas MuscleTraining: In this class, you’ll learn about the Psoas Muscle (Muscle of the Soul) and its inherent link to shock and trauma. You will learn how to engage this muscle to support trauma release and to enhance wellbeing in your clients and yourself.     

LymphTraining: This class will explain the basics and fundamentals of the lymphatic system. It will help you understand why keeping this system in a good shape helps you feel better physically and emotionally, not just when there is trauma. 

Wellbeing Workshops: The Wellbeing Workshops will teach you how to self-administer three wellbeing techniques to help you create a consistent self-care practice. You will learn:

  1. Gentle Fascial Release
  2. Psoas Muscle Release
  3. Lymphatic Drainage

“From the time I was really little, I used to have stomach pain. My parents would take me to the doctors to figure out what was going on. Surprisingly, even at a young age, I was able to connect the stomach pain to each traumatic and scary situation that happened to me.

Over time, I developed chronic stomach pain that accompanied me into adulthood, along with other conditions. I know that trauma lies at the root of so many health and life challenges which is why the Gentle Trauma Release Method© is an indispensable tool both for me personally, as well as for my client work. 

I can’t imagine being without the Gentle Trauma Release Method© and its countless healing and therapeutic benefits!”

Robin Fricke


Everyone should learn it. It's magic

“I’m in a place where I want everyone to learn the Gentle Trauma Release Method©.  I know that when they start using it, it’s going to be magical. I believe in it wholeheartedly. My success through Gentle Trauma Release© was a loss of 150 lbs!  There is so much more, but that is a big one.

I just want everyone to know that this Training is beyond words healing and amazing. Each module flows right into the next. The countless video sessions with real clients are absolute gems. The value of this Training far exceeds the costs. If you really want to be able to help your clients with trauma, don’t hesitate and take the Training. You’ll be so glad you did.

We need more Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioners and I hope you will sign up and become one more person helping the world. Get ready to be amazed!”



Making things safe for you

We would like to make sure that the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training resonates with you. We would like to make this work for you, assuring that it’s a wonderful fit for what you need and love. Upon signing up, you’ll have a window to opt-out within a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

Before you start the Training, you’ll be asked to respect our copyrights and not to use, distribute or copy any of the materials and content we give you access to. Provided that you meet this condition, we guarantee a complete Money Back Guarantee with No Questions Asked. 


A safe decision

We would like you to feel safe and reassured when deciding to join the Gentle Trauma Release© Training.

We’re on a mission to spread healing and hope worldwide. We’re here for you if you long for skills that make a difference in your ability to help others heal and live better.

I can honestly say it changed my life

“The Gentle Trauma Release Method©  is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only did I acquire the life-changing knowledge offered in this course, I also met and regularly engage with an amazing group of strong, compassionate human beings who are committed to helping others by sharing what they know. This, alone, is priceless.

The course contents are masterfully organized and presented in easy-to-follow modules, through which I was able to work at my own pace.  The Private GTR Student Facebook page offers a safe space to ask questions and share concerns or experiences, all of which are handled in a gentle supportive manner. And the feedback on assignments, practicum sessions and personal experiences is always insightful and constructive.

I came away from this course with a solid understanding of trauma and its symptoms, the science and principles behind the Method and its protocols, and a clear roadmap on how to structure sessions to ensure my clients gained the most benefit from this gentle healing process.

I wear my badge as a certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner proudly and am honored to be among its avid supporters because I know what it can do to bring relief from trauma. I cherish its many gifts and I can honestly say it changed my life. I cannot imagine any healer or client who would not benefit from the Gentle Trauma Release Method©.”




Bonus #1


Available with all levels and bundles.

These are the original materials that Professor Izabela gives to her clients when conducting Gentle Trauma Release© work. You can use these materials right away and save yourself weeks and weeks of work.

 Audios :You will receive audio recordings that clients can take home for extra support such as:

  • Introduction To Trauma Healing
  • Gentle Trauma Release© Audio Session
  • Create Your Emotional Freedom Plan Audio
  • Body Intuition Activation Bundle (available with Level 2 and Level 3)

Handouts : You will receive handouts that clients are given access to when they enroll in a Gentle Trauma Release© Coaching Package, including:

  • Wholistic Wellbeing Assessment
  • Gentle Trauma Release© Healing Protocols Bundle
  • Emotional Freedom Plan
  • Body Intuition Blueprint (available with Level 2 and Level 3)
  • Therapeutic Letter (available with Level 2 and Level 3)

Bonus #2


Available with all levels and bundles.

Package Proposals : These are beautifully designed packaged proposals for your clients. You will walk away from this training knowing exactly how to package your Gentle Trauma Release© work! You don’t have to guess or invest in additional programs. 

 Detailed Package Curricula : You will receive package outlines and detailed curricula of the exact same Gentle Trauma Release© Packages that Professor Izabela uses when enrolling her clients. You will receive:

  • SOS Gentle Trauma Release© Package
  • LONG-TERM Gentle Trauma Release© Package

Marketing language: You will receive outlines for all versions of Gentle Trauma Release© packages written in a language that appeals to clients. Simply copy and paste and your offerings are ready! No need to hire a copy writer or business coach.

Bonus #3


Available with all levels and bundles.

Trauma and Chinese Medicine: This video class reveals intriguing ways of looking at trauma through the lenses of the 5-element teachings which have their roots in Chinese Medicine. You will discover: 

  • Which of the 5 Elements is affected the most by shock and trauma
  • How to balance the elements that suffer the most as a result of trauma
  • How to use the 5-Element Theory to help you spot trauma in a client

Organ Clock Training In this training video, you’ll learn about the ancient knowledge of time, stemming from Chinese Medicine. More specifically, you’ll learn about the concept of the  “organ clock”, also referred to as the “body clock”. You will learn:

  • How time affects physical and emotional wellbeing
  • How to use Organ Clock knowledge to help your clients (and yourself) to feel better
  • How to create client assignments based on the organ clock teachings

The complete training

 The Gentle Trauma Release© Training is divided into three levels. You can now enroll in a Level 1,2 and 3 Bundle. This will allow you to unlock several training levels right away and enjoy substantial savings. 

Here is what awaits you in the complete Gentle Trauma Release© Training comprised of all three training levels:

Modules 1-10 of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© Training. This is our complete, comprehensive curriculum.

Extra module #1: The Deep Care Module full of additional training materials and access to live Wellbeing Workshops.

Extra module #2: The Confidence Builder Module with a generous amount of additional, real-life Gentle Trauma Release© sessions.

Practicum  review: Your practice sessions and written assignments will be reviewed in detail by your instructor.

Mentoring  session: In a private session, you’ll be offered personalized feedback based on a detailed review of your practicum work. 

Certification : Upon completing your Final Exam, you will receive the designation Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner.

Live  Office Hours happening on a weekly basis where new topics are presented to complement the training material covered in the modules. 

Private  Facebook group open exclusively to Gentle Trauma Release Method© students offering space for questions and sharings.  

Bonuses  intentionally designed to give you all the tools you need to incorporate Gentle Trauma Release© work into your client practice.

Would you like to speak to us?

If you have any questions about the Gentle Trauma Release Certification© Training or if you wish someone to lend you a listening ear before you decide, we have two Admissions Liaisons to help you.

Both of our Admissions Liaisons are certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioners who use the Gentle Trauma Release Method© in their practice. They will be happy to share their experience  with you and guide you on your next steps.


Ramona Kosswan

Ramona is one of the first certified Gentle Trauma Release Practitioners©. She keeps having incredible healing results using the Gentle Trauma Release Method© with her clients. 


Janina Schick

Janina incorporated the Gentle Trauma Release Method© into her holistic client practice and can’t imagine being without it. She belongs to our faculty staff which means she knows the training inside out.

Thank you for considering joining the Gentle Trauma Release© Training and contributing to the mission to make this a kinder, gentler world for all of us to live in…