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Our Certified Practitioners

Taryn Moore  is an educator, author and a Personal Empowerment Coach. She brings over 25 years of education, employee development and coaching to her Gentle Trauma Release© practice after having worked with teams of 1-300 in many different capacities.  She holds a degree in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Psychology.    

Taryn’s most passionate projects are always centered around the empowerment of women.  She quickly learned that many times, trauma is at the root of what holds women back.  Taryn’s style centers around building a relationship of trust, creating a safe space where laughter, tears, and stories of both success and sorrow are easily shared.  Since the death of her husband Jim, and working through grief herself, she finds great comfort in helping others move through grief, disappointment, fear, change and emotional upheaval. 

Taryn Moore is the founder of the Barefoot Woman Academy offering personal coaching and powerful online programs and trainings to women looking to embody their most empowered Self. 





Charlene A Scott  joins the Gentle Trauma Release© bringing with her a wealth of experience in working with people.  In addition to being one of our certified practitioners, she is also a certified Empowerment Coach through the SWAT Institute, Canada. 

Her career spanned over 30 years in the world of education and the realm of law, retiring in 2016. She is a trained arbitrator/mediator and currently sits on two local government boards. 

However, Charlene’s heart has always focused on ‘healing’ others and offering them ways to empower and grow themselves.  She has mastered the alternative healing modalities of Reiki, Applied Kinesiology (One Brain©) and is a highly skilled Oracle Cards guide. Charlene now looks forward to assisting and facilitating others with the Gentle Trauma Release Method© by creating a safe space to heal and release their traumas, as well as to spread their beautiful, dynamic wings and fly! 

The great Chinese philosopher Lao Tze said ‘A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step.’ Take those beginning steps into self-awareness, healing and joy with Charlene! She invites you to reach her at cascott.bda@gmail.com or @moments_take.a.breath.




M.S. Ed., LL.B. (Hons.)

Virginia Ede  is a dedicated and passionate Natural Therapies Practitioner. She brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise in the healing, wellbeing and empowerment of humans and other animals within a safe, holistic environment.  

With extensive experience in Public and Human Relations, Virginia advanced her studies and accreditations to include Diploma Level Bowen Therapy, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki Therapy, Personal Empowerment Coaching, Equine Healing Connections. 

Virginia is the founder of Maggie’s Farm Wellness and Educational Sanctuary and the creator of the Heart to Heart Healing Program.  Virginia offers a warm and collaborative approach to healing. Her belief is that anyone struggling with life stressors can benefit from a safe space to share their concerns without judgement or discrimination.  

Assisting clients in the Gentle Trauma Release© experience is viewed as the most outstanding addition to Virginia’s academic journeys. Her belief is that this specific modality (Gentle Trauma Release© Method) holds the capability to initiate huge positive differences in the overall wellbeing and health of each and every individual experiencing it.





Ramona Kossowan  deeply understands the struggle with body image, self esteem, sabotage and just feeling stuck in life having overcome those issues herself. Her focus was always to uncover the root cause of a problem in order to support her clients the best.  Today, as a certified Empowerment Coach (SWAT Institute), fitness professional (AFLCA) and natural health enthusiast, she does precisely that.

Ramona’s private practice is built on the vision of igniting woman’s inner passion for herself, her body and her life. Vitality, personal growth and deep inner confidence are at the other end as you heal trauma, gently love yourself and inhabit your body as an empowered woman. Her joy is to coach her clients to emotional and physical well being so they can unlock their true potential. 


Ramona believes that “when you end the struggle within, your outer world will shift.” Gentle Trauma Release© is the finishing masterpiece of Ramona’s tools to empower women, to which she brings with her own compassion and dedication to each client’s healing journey. This is truly the most exciting work she has ever done! 

As a fitness trainer and healthy lifestyle coach, the powerful interventions of the Gentle Trauma Release Method© allow Ramona to build her clients’ goals and action steps on a foundation of self care, acceptance and a sustainable approach. Once you are healed and resilient, the desire and self discipline to move toward your goals & dreams will flow to you more easily. Ramona can’t wait to walk this journey with you!






Pat  Burrows  decided to fulfill her passion for being of service to others and healing others after a fruitful career as a Nurse, CFO and Administrator. While working with women as a Women’s Empowerment Coach, she realized that the “missing piece” of her coaching practice was the ability to help the client release traumatic memories and emotions. The Gentle Trauma Release Method© has become the answer to her prayers. As a certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner, Pat can now assist others to fully empower themselves.

Pat has developed a strong interest in serving the healing community (doctors, nurses and other health practitioners), in addition to their patients and family members, many whom have been deeply affected by the traumas of isolation, illness, incapacitation, and even death in some cases. They have been working hard to care for their patients, but they often have been without access to reliable treatment protocols, procedures or medications. 

Pat’s primary mission is to provide Gentle Trauma Release to anyone who is suffering from symptoms of trauma in their life, both past and present.  At 68 years young, Pat believes that her own life challenges and her prior training, combined with her compassion, empathy and intuition, give her a much broader perspective and enable her to bring an exceptional level of healing to her clients. Pat is able to offer her clients the tools necessary to re-establish a sense of wellbeing, safety, harmony and self-empowerment. Pat is also a certified Oracle Guide and Tarot Adviser.


JULY 2021



Kelley Jesionowski  has a life-long passion and desire to help and heal people. In following this passion, she became a certified Master Empowerment Coach specializing in Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Earning her certification as a Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute has increased the depth of healing she can bring to her clients.

 Kelley has discovered that accumulated trauma can often be at the root of uncontrolled sensitivities in highly sensitive people and can cause the feeling of living in a constant state of overwhelm or underlying anxiety. As a fellow highly sensitive person (HSP), she wants you to know that you’re not alone.

Kelley provides her clients with deep understanding and a soul-nourishing experience that brings relief. She works with her clients to achieve balance and resilience so that it is possible to be highly sensitive and feel calm, centered and in control of one’s emotions at the same time. This creates an opportunity for a highly sensitive person to experience healthy connections without fearing other people’s energy or emotional states. Nothing brings Kelley more joy than to watch her clients transform and start living the lives they only dreamt of.

Kelley’s coaching approach is joyful, intuitive, practical, and spiritual, with a sprinkle of science. Kelley has had the privilege to coach women from around the world, from all walks of life, and cultural backgrounds. She is now inviting you to start your healing journey with her!








Tracey Thorpe  is certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner and Master Empowerment Coach. She is also our Professor of Business, here at the Gentle Trauma Release Institute.

Tracey believes we all have a purpose and for many, that purpose is revealed upon a journey of self-discovery. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity and soulful alignment, our purpose comes to life. However, there are blockages that we must work through and heal from, and one of the most critical blockages is trauma.

In her practice, Tracey understands that traumatic memories and emotions and the inherent energy of such gets trapped in the body. Trauma can negatively impact our thoughts, emotions, behavior, and our overall wellbeing. Trauma can cause us to bury our true authentic selves and take on an ego-driven persona. 

Tracey’s philosophy is that our true passions and purpose cannot be revealed in their entirety when we suffer with trauma, and as a result, we do not experience the level of joy, happiness and fulfillment that is available to us all. 

The Gentle Trauma Release Method© is designed to treat trauma where it resides, in the body! The method is gentle, the effects are immediate and long lasting, and most of all, it truly works! Join Tracey in a one of kind healing journey that will forever change your life!





Sandika Joy Evergreen is a certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner who also holds a diploma from Rhodes Wellness College, and certifications from the S.W.A.T. Institute. Sandika lives off the grid on a remote island in British Columbia. She offers empowerment adventures, retreats, and coaching to people ready to immerse themselves in nature while learning how to trust in themselves and life again! 

Sandika is the owner of Sandika’s Studio, a beauty salon and wellness hub on her island. In 2020 Sandika joined the team at The S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), a premier online global empowerment coach certification exclusively for women, as the Mentorship Coaching Coordinator and an Assistant Professor in their Master Empowerment Coach Certification.

Sandika’s message is that it’s okay to need healing, and it’s okay to allow yourself to receive healing and support. She welcomes you to reach out to her at SandikaJoy@gmail.com or visit www.SandikaJoy.com.




MAY 2022


 Donna Vieira  has always been intrigued by life’s big questions and fascinated by the stages of spiritual growth and development people experience. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Such lofty questions have been a driving force for as long as she can remember.


Donna’s dedication to yoga, meditation, Reiki and Astrology date back to a time long before they became mainstream. For more than 50 years, Donna’s insatiable curiosity and thirst for answers and learning often took her off the beaten track to explore cultural and indigenous rituals and traditions around the world, a passion she shared as a travel writer. Feeling called upon to share her knowledge and experiences on a more personal level, Donna followed her heart and obtained her certification as an Empowerment Coach for Women at the SWAT Institute.

From there, she went on to become a certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner through the Gentle Trauma Release Institute, a gift she wholeheartedly believes to be a sure-fire recipe for emotional freedom. Today, she gently weaves her astrological skills into her sessions with clients.  

A lifetime of experiences taught Donna to trust her heart and to follow her passions regardless of what others think. It’s a lesson she hopes to nurture in her clients as they discover and explore their path and purpose on their own Starstruck Journey. She considers it an honour to be the client’s personal mentor and cheerleader as they gain awareness and clarity regarding the choices they have and realize how truly powerful they are capable of becoming.




MAY 2022

Kathie Andriano Murgel is a certified Gentle Trauma Release© Practitioner, Master Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, and a Sacred Life Mentor. Kathie’s dream is to help women awaken the voice within so they can speak and live their empowered truth.

Kathie comes from a background rooted in old world Italian traditions.  She became deeply affected by the restrictions imposed on her free-spirited mother and eventually on herself.  She understood early on that her reality as a girl would be different from that of her brothers.  She believed that she would never have the gift of choice and her dreams would be replaced with obligation and duty.  Kathie’s marriage was arranged, and with two children she endured 13 years of abuse until she made a decision that this would not be her life story. 

Kathie now understands that most of her life was lived by what Dr. Gabor Mate calls “the invisible force that shapes our lives”.  The traumatic events in her life shaped the way she lived and viewed the world as an unsafe place to be.  Once she discovered that by addressing the root of her deepest wounds with The Gentle Trauma Release Method©, she was able to return to a resilient state of being and finally live her empowered truth.  It was through this adversity that she became the woman she is today.  This is where her love for helping women heal began.

Kathie loves sharing her story authentically, believing that it can inspire other women to find their voice and heal their trauma.  Her joy comes from helping woman transform their life through a cathartic process of self-discovery that will help create a life lived in truth, light, and liberation.  




JUNE 2022


Janina Schick  has always been driven to fully explore and understand the human experience and the interconnection of body mind and soul. With her degree in Holistic Health Therapies, she has comprehensive knowledge of health and wellbeing. Janina is trained in numerous healing modalities, including Craniosacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Mindfulness and more. 


Janina`s mission is to support and empower others to grow in self-awareness and understanding of themselves so that they can create and maintain long-lasting health and well-being. She acknowledges, that nothing we experience is random, but rather the result of being multidimensional beings, where our physical body, emotions, mind, and soul communicate with each other, always striving for our highest good and potential.


When we get out of balance, our body, mind, and soul present us with different symptoms. By understanding and honoring these symptoms and using them as a guide, we can recognize what lies beyond and can create a healthy life, where fulfillment, joy, and authenticity build the foundation.