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Tips for Recognizing Trauma in Your Clients

The right step for you

 Our Gentle Trauma Release Method training © is a 6-month online certification program that will teach you everything you need to know to acquire superior trauma release skills. The Gentle Trauma Release Method © is specifically designed for practitioners working in the framework of coaching, counselling and other therapeutic settings.  The Gentle Trauma Release © Certification Training is an ideal fit for you and your practice if you can confidently say Yes to these:

Yes  I work with people in a coaching, counselling or therapeutic capacity and I deeply care about helping them to the best of my ability.

Yes  I recognize that some of my clients need trauma work to move past their blocks and their challenges.

Yes  I would love to master an elegant method that can be integrated into my practice gently yet efficiently to give people relief from their traumas.

Several months from now, you can be a Gentle Trauma Release © Practitioner and elevate your practice to an advanced level!

Training and  learning

Mastering these trauma-release skills takes a bit of work, but once complete, you’ll be able to start helping your clients release their life-long trauma. 

Thorough education

The Gentle Trauma Release Method © is a complete trauma program with no stones left unturned. This Certification Training is a one-stop shop that will equip you with everything you need to know in order to provide excellent trauma release work, delivered in a methodical and structured way. 

We provide steps, road map, compass…and all there is to do on your end is to walk the path with us.  

Aside from developing a strong understanding of trauma along with a firm grasp of the many traumatic symptoms and other cues, here are some highlights that you will learn as part of your Gentle Trauma Release © Certification Training. You’ll learn how to:

Because trauma release skills are teachable… if delivered in a structured, methodical system!


Clear past traumatic memories so that they never come back to haunt or bother your clients.


Identify and clear the client’s traumatic emotions and emotional flashbacks when they hijack your clients.


Proceed in cases of shock trauma and the more stubborn cases of complex trauma.


Master the art of conducting powerful trauma release sessions from beginning to end.


Help your client during the transition period after they have let go of old traumas.


…and so much more!

Up to date …

We know the benefits of online education, so we are bringing our program to you whether you want to study at home, in an office or even when you’re travelling!

Platform for our era

  • Learning from the comfort of your home or office 100% 100%
  • Training optimized for busy lifestyles 100% 100%
  • Course material accessible on desktop, mobile, tablet 100% 100%
  • No travel expenses and commuting 100% 100%
  • No exhausting all-day long workshops 100% 100%
  • Environmentally friendly since you learn from home 100% 100%


In the Gentle Trauma Release © Certification Training, you’re accessing the best learning tools the online world has to offer. 

Optimized learning

We have done the heavy lifting for you. We have thought deeply about how to deliver this training in the best way possible. The modules of our curriculum contain video classes, video case studies, audios, handouts, quizzes, downloadable notes, study guides, assignments…you name it. We’ve created an easy-to-follow structure so that you can learn and train in an optimal way! 





  • The theoretical part of the training is delivered via 25+ training videos.
  • These are comprehensive lectures with colorful, bullet-point slides released weekly for gradual learning.
  • Every module contains the Main Class to introduce the main concepts and Specialty Classes that dive deeper and offer more nuances.





  • These are Gentle Trauma Release © sessions with real-life clients just the way they happen in life.
  • You can witness the Gentle Trauma Release Method © being implemented with a variety of different clients.
  • You can observe close-up exactly what is happening in session, including more challenging scenarios that you could come across in your trauma work.





  • These are complementary notes to the case studies of real-life client sessions.
  • These notes tell you exactly what to look out for at specific times of the case study recordings.
  • The Study Guides are your go-to resource to learn the most profound “secret ingredients” of trauma release work.





  • To help your understanding, in every module, you’ll receive notes for the Main Classes and Specialty Classes. 
  • These detailed summaries will outline key concepts and points to remember.
  • You can also print your lecture notes out and use them while observing the Training Videos to deepen your study practice. 









  • Our quizzes offer an additional tool to highlight the most important concepts and pieces of information.
  • You can test yourself through a variety of different quizzes we offer such as multiple choice or checkbox questions.
  • Every module includes a quiz so that you can feel confident and ready before moving forward to the next step of your studies.





  • Along with quizzes, the training contains assignments of an open-book quality.
  • You will be invited to reflect on the learning material consistently throughout the training to encourage critical, independent thinking.
  • You will be encouraged to offer your own insights and observations to the client sessions provided via pre-recorded case studies.





  • For every assignment you submit, you will receive written comments from your teachers. 
  • These comments will be made relevant to your current understanding of the teaching material and to help you with potential learning challenges.
  • This is where you get the extra help from your teacher based on where you need it the most.





  • We offer weekly Virtual Office Hours to answer your questions live and to create space for sharing. Everyone is welcome!
  • You can knock on the virtual door of your teachers’ office in regular intervals and connect with them in a drop-in fashion.
  • Benefit from asking or listening to the answers provided in real-time by the Instructors on a special conference line.





  • After signing up, you will be automatically added to a private Facebook Group.
  • You can stay in touch with teachers and fellow students as this is the group where the staff hangs out on a consistent basis.
  • If you have burning questions to ask or important observations or thoughts to share, you don’t have to wait for the office hours. You can ask away at your convenience.






  • Towards the end of your training, you will be invited to submit recordings of your own trauma release work with clients.
  • Your teachers will spend hours reviewing your work and writing down notes based on your client sessions. 
  • In a one-on-one meeting, you will receive highly personalized feedback to help you understand your strengths and areas of improvement.





  • Every week, we will check-in with the class to help you stay the course and hold yourself accountable.
  • We will offer a weekly study plan outlining what classes, assignments, case studies etc. to cover in a particular week. 
  • You can choose to follow along with our suggested study plans or you can go completely at your own pace.





  • The last thing to do in order to graduate is to submit your Case Study Evaluations and to write your Final Exam Assignment. 
  • Upon completion of your studies, you’ll receive the designation Gentle Trauma Release © Practitioner.
  • We will send you your certificate and display your name on our list of our graduates proudly. 

Theory and practice …

You will get access to all the theory you need to understand the Gentle Trauma Release Method ©, but to make absolutely sure that you master it in the shortest time possible, you’ll get plenty of practical examples in the form of video case studies.

Numerous case studies

It is a powerful way to learn a new technique or skill, if you can observe a seasoned practitioner perform it in front of your eyes. Ideally, before you try it on your own.

With plenty of video case studies with real-life clients included in the training, your mind will be at ease having a practical blueprint in front of you before you venture into the trauma release work of your own for the first time.

Because the ultimate way to learn anything is to first watch someone with enough experience show you the ropes!

Prioritized for students' needs

Online education is an excellent way to learn, but having contact with other human beings as you go through the learning process is also a must in order to learn well. This is why you get all this in the Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training:

Office  hours with your teachers where you can see and hear your teacher live and where you can get your questions answered in real time.

Comments  to your assignments and course work that are personalized and that dive even deeper into the learning material so that you know someone is there, on the other side, reading and supporting your progress.

Mentoring  session with your teacher in the form of a one-on-one, customized video call after your teacher has reviewed your Gentle Trauma Release © work with clients.

Weekly  check-ins and study plans delivered on a regular basis to help you study in a consistent fashion and to hold yourself accountable.

Because the only way to do online education that we believe in, is when it’s personalized to our students’ needs!


You’ll get continuous, personal online support from the expert members of our team! 


There is no other comprehensive system that exists right now that teaches how to help clients heal from trauma, specifically applicable to the coaching, counselling or therapeutic world!

Our Curriculum

We literally spent years putting the Gentle Trauma Release Method © into an elegant curriculum where one block builds on another in an easy-to-follow, methodical way. Here is our comprehensive curriculum spelled out for you in detail:

Module #1:   


In this kick start module, you’ll get a thorough overview of trauma. You’ll explore the history and evolution of trauma. You’ll develop a solid understanding of trauma as a diagnosis and you’ll learn about the different expressions of trauma. In this module, you will:



It’s time to get your feet wet and master the first and most fundamental trauma release tool. With plenty of case studies to help you along in this training, you will know exactly what needs to be done when the memory of a specific event is traumatic in nature. In this module, you will:

Module #1


Get a comprehensive and solid understanding of the field of trauma


Understand the current mainstream status quo of trauma and trauma treatment


Discover the most efficient and powerful approach to healing trauma


Become clear on the different (and unexpected)  ways trauma can show up in clients

Module #2


Know what to do with traumatic memories tied to a specific event


Watch case studies showcasing how to proceed when traumatic memories relate to concrete events


Learn an easy protocol that can neutralize traumatic memories in a matter of minutes


Understand the science and principles behind the Gentle Trauma Release Method ©

Module #3: 


The secret in providing great trauma release work lies in doing things at the right time and in the right order. It’s not just about the technique. It’s about developing the skills necessary in conducting a powerful session as a whole. This is what makes or breaks the success of any trauma release technique. In this module, you will:

Module #4: 


Sometimes, we can’t recall specific traumatic events and yet…our system can be heavily traumatized without knowing it. This is because in some cases, we deal with intrusive, traumatic emotions that hijack our day-to-day living. This module teaches you about healing those traumatic emotions.  In this module, you will:

Module #3


Find out how to identify core traumatic memories that hold trauma in place


Learn exactly how to structure your individual sessions so they flow smoothly and effortlessly


Master the art of taking Client History in the most efficient way


Familiarize yourself with the most common and the most overlooked traumatic symptoms

Module #4


Learn what to do with trauma that is tied to specific emotions


Explore how to proceed when clients access traumatic emotions rather than traumatic events


Access case studies showcasing how to proceed when traumatic emotions emerge


Master a powerful, easy-to-follow protocol to heal traumatic emotions

Module #5:


One of our biggest aspirations in doing the Gentle Trauma Release © work is to completely clear specific traumatic events and emotions so that they don’t bother our clients in the future anymore. This module teaches you the ultimate ingredients needed for the most stubborn cases. In this module, you will:

Module #6:


Helping clients get their lives back on track after trauma isn’t just about clearing their traumatic memories and traumatic emotions. It’s also about helping them start a new chapter of their life and create a new future. But in order to do that, we have to master transitions work. In this module, you will: 

Module #5


Learn what to do when traumatic memories or emotions are not clearing up completely


Master the ultimate trauma release tools for the most stubborn traumatic memories and emotions 


Access information-filled case studies demonstrating how to proceed in more convoluted cases


Find out how to conduct a session no matter what the client throws at you

Module #6


Understand how to help clients transition from a trauma-filled life to a life clear of trauma


Dive deep into the three stages of transitions applied specifically to trauma


Learn optimal transition interventions and transition assignments for your clients


Discover how to create a new, post-trauma identity for your client and help them embody it

Module #7:


The ability to stay in the body can be heavily compromised in a traumatized system and the consequences can be quite severe, even dangerous. This is why it’s crucial to know how to help clients get back into the body again. In this module, you will:

Module #8: 


We all hear the voice of the Inner Critic from time to time. But for a person with trauma, this voice is paralyzing. It’s so prominent that it can massively interfere with their ability to move forward with goals, dreams and ambitions. In this module, you will:


Module #7


Learn how to help the client befriend their body and feel safe in it


Discover how to help clients solidify their connection to the body so that they stop disassociating


Find out how to teach the client to reconnect with their gut feelings


Master a process called Body Intuition Activation and learn to use it with clients

Module #8


Find out how to dismantle the resistance of your client’s Inner Critic


Discover how to help your clients get the 30,000 ft view on what’s going on for them


Master a neat protocol to tame the Inner Critic of your client


Discover how to install self-worth and self-esteem in your client

Module #9:


We want to help the client maintain their wellbeing long-term and give them practical tools to cultivate resilience and hopefulness. That way, they will avoid symptom regeneration and further traumatization in the future. This module also features a powerful strategy to help you craft optimal homework assignments for your clients. In this module, you will:

Module #10:


We want more for our clients than just applying a band-aid to where trauma hurts the most. A structured approach is key when healing trauma because it encourages long-term relief. This module teaches you how to proceed systematically in your work AND how to package it so that you can incorporate it into your practice right away. In this module, you will:

Module #9


Master giving your client long-term relief from trauma


Explore how to prevent further traumatization


Understand how to maintain wellbeing even after trauma is gone


Learn how to design optimal homework assignments


Understand therapeutic presence

Module #10


Find out how to gradually and methodically detraumatize your client’s system


Learn how to time and structure your client sessions


Discover how to package your trauma release work for short-term and long-term offerings


Understand how to practice ethically

Your Bonuses…

The Gentle Trauma Release © Certification Training is comprehensive and wholesome. But we still love to offer those extra special bits and pieces to sweeten our students’ learning experience!


Bonus #1



These are the original materials that Professor Izabela gives to her clients when doing Gentle Trauma Release © work. You can use these materials right away and save yourself weeks and weeks of work.


You will get audio recordings that clients take home with them for extra support such as:

  • Intro To Trauma 
  • Gentle Trauma Release © Audio Session For Home Use 
  • How to Create Your Emotional Freedom Plan
  • Body Intuition Activation Audio Bundle

You will get handouts that clients get when they enroll in Professor  Izabela’s Gentle Trauma Release © Coaching Package, including:

  • Wholistic Wellbeing Assessment
  • Gentle Trauma Release © Protocol Bundle
  • Emotional Freedom Plan
  • Body Intuition Blueprint

Bonus #2



You will walk away from this training knowing exactly how to package your Gentle Trauma Release © work! You don’t have to guess or invest in additional programs. You will receive package outlines and detailed curricula of the exact same Gentle Trauma Release © Packages that Professor Izabela uses when enrolling her clients.


You will get a detailed curriculum for:

  •  Short-Term Trauma Release Package
  • Long-Term Trauma Release Package 

You will receive outlines for the short-term and long-term versions of Trauma Release Packages written in a language that appeals to clients. Simply copy and paste and your offerings are ready!

Bonus #3



This is a special video class revealing the intriguing ways of looking at trauma through the lenses of the 5-element teachings which have their roots in Chinese Medicine.


You will discover which of the 5 elements is affected the most by shock and trauma and how to help that element recover so that the body can shake off the trauma.


You will get access to some simple strategies of enhancing your clients’ healing even further based on ancient knowledge preserved in the 5-Element Theory explained in this class.

Insider Look …

A picture says a thousand words, but a video may say even more…Take a sneak peek at what the Gentle Trauma Release © Certification Training looks like on the inside! 

Take a sneak peek...

The Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training is delivered through an online student platform where you can access all your learning materials. Upon signing up, you’ll create your own student account which will allow you to immediately access the program!


Look inside

This video will take you through the student platform of the Training. 


You get so much in this training! Perhaps, it bears repeating all that you’ll have access to once you enroll in the Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training and become one of our students.

Overall Summary

10 Comprehensive Modules

The Gentle Trauma Release Method ©  is delivered in the form of a structured curriculum, organized into ten easy-to-follow modules that you’ll be able to access through your online student platform.

20+ Hours of Video Classes

The theoretical part of the training is taught via video classes. These are comprehensive lectures with colorful, bullet-point slides released weekly for gradual learning in the form of Main Classes and Specialty Classes.

Lecture Notes

To save yourself a lot of time and to stay organized, you can print out your notes out and use them alongside your Training Videos. These notes highlight the most important information from Main Classes and Specialty Classes.

35 Real-Life Video Case Studies

One of the special features of the training is an abundance of case studies you’ll be able to learn from. You will be able to watch and learn from Gentle Trauma Release © sessions with real-life clients just the way they happen in life.

Session Study Guides

To know exactly what to look out for when watching your real-life video case studies, you will be able to download complimentary notes that will highlight the most significant, notable learning moments in a chronological fashion. 


Every module contains at least one quiz so you can test your knowledge before moving forward with your studies.  You will be able to access a variety of different quizzes such as multiple choice or grid question quizzes.


To take your practical learning deeper, you will be consistently invited to reflect on the client sessions provided via prerecorded case studies. You will learn through sharing your own insights and observations. 

Personalized Teacher Comments

For every written assignment that you submit, you will receive written feedback from your teachers, including personalized comments and recommendations made relevant to where you are in your learning process.


VIP Office Hours

Throughout the program, you will be able to have real-time, personal contact with your teachers. You can meet them at regular intervals on a conference line when you need support or advice. Simply drop in when needed.

Private Mentorship Session

An invaluable feature of the training is this Private Mentorship Session. Your teacher will spend hours reviewing your own Gentle Trauma Release © session and writing down customized notes for you to boost and support your progress.

Private Facebook Group

To stay in touch with your fellow classmates and to get all of your burning questions answered without having to wait for the next office hours, you will have the staff within reach via this private Facebook group. 


Weekly Check-Ins and Study Plans

To help you stay the course and hold yourself accountable with your studies, we will check-in with you on a regular basis and suggest study  plans for the upcoming week. No guessing needed, just follow your weekly Study Plan.

Final Exam

After submitting your Final Paper and your Case Study Evaluations, you will graduate as a Gentle Trauma Release © Practitioner. And it goes without saying that you’ll find a beautiful certificate in your mailbox.

Bonus #1: Ready To Use Client Materials

Save yourself weeks of work by getting access to client materials in the form of audio recordings and handouts just the way Izabela uses them with clients enrolled in her Gentle Trauma Release © packages.

Bonus #2: Packaged Offerings

This bonus offers detailed, ready-to-use Gentle Trauma Release © packages. They include a comprehensive curricula and are presented in a language that is clear and appealing to the client.

Bonus #3: Trauma and Chinese Medicine

In this special class, you’ll discover the intricate ways of connecting trauma with the ancient 5-elements teachings based on Chinese Medicine. You’ll learn to take care of your clients even better.

Because the only way to learn well online is through a structured, methodical, thought-out system!

Tuition: Overall Cost

At this point, we offer the Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training at $7497 USD. We offer a selection of payment plans to make the training more doable for our students. Payment plans are offered once the student application has been approved.

How to Apply


1. Application Form

Please, submit your Application Form to our Admissions Team by sending it to info@gentletraumarelease.com.


2. Approval

Our Admissions Team will review your Application for approval. Once approved, we will contact you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most common questions students ask us before enrolling in the Gentle Trauma Release © Method Certification Training. Please, click on the “plus” sign to reveal the answers.

Do I need to have an academic background in order to do this training?

You don’t need an academic background in order for us to welcome you to our Certification Training as a student. Having said that, we consider this program to be an advanced type of training. This is why we do require that you have at least some coaching, counseling or therapeutic training under your belt and that you have conducted at least 30 one-on-one client sessions as either a coach, counselor or therapist.

If you have not conducted 30 one-on-one client sessions or if you’re not sure if your experience counts, please let us know about that in the Application Form. Tell us what you have done and why you think this Training would be a good fit for you. There is specific place in the Appliction Form for you to elaborate on this.

I have no background in trauma. Will this training work for me?

This training is designed to work whether you have some background in trauma or not. It teaches you everything you need to know about trauma in order to do excellent trauma release work. In fact, we originally put this training together to help practitioners who don’t have any formal trauma-related training and yet, they encounter trauma on a regular basis when working with clients in coaching, counseling or therapeutic settings.

If, on the other hand, you already have some background in trauma, the training will work beautifully for you as well, because what we teach is a completely innovative, non-mainstream method to healing trauma.

I already have some background in the field of trauma. Will this training be too basic for me?

No, this training won’t be basic for you at all. A vast majority of what we teach is not commonly taught on other platforms.

If you already have some background in trauma, the training will work for you simply because what we teach is a completely innovative, non-mainstream method to healing trauma.


Is there a schedule I need to follow?

At the beginning of each week, we will send you a Monday Check-In email to release study plans and homework for a particular week. This is to provide our students with an accountability structure.

However, you are more than welcome to do things at your own pace since everything is recorded. You have 18 months to finish the program whether you choose to proceed along with us or on your own. 

Should you not manage to complete the training within 18 months, don’t fear. You can ask for an extension and continue your studies.

How much time will I need to invest weekly to proceed through the training at a good pace?

If you follow the suggested weekly study plans that we will release every week, you will need to spend about 6-8 hours per week going through the training at a good pace. However, bear in mind that this is an estimate that might differ from one student to another. Some students might need less time, some might need more.

To help you go through the training smoothly, we will add catch-up study weeks into our study schedule. That way you can compensate for some of those less productive weeks should you have them.

If you follow the weekly study plans suggested in the Monday Check-In emails, you will finish the theoretical part of the training in about 6 months. But because you’ll be asked to complete the Practicum part, you will have 18 months to finish the whole training. Should you not manage to complete the training in time, you will have the opportunity to ask for an extension and complete your studies at a later point.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We are confident about the immense value of our training, but we also believe that the fit must be mutual. We want things to work for you and we want this training to authentically resonate with you.

If for some reason, you don’t wish to continue, you have the opportunity to opt-out with a 100% money-back guarantee. We only ask that you do so within the first 14 days of the training.

Before you start the training, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will respect our Copyrights and not to use, distribute or copy any of the materials and content we provided you with. You will also be asked to destroy any copies of our materials you may have made.

Provided that you respect these conditions, we guarantee you a no-questions-asked refund.

What kind of help and support is available if I get stuck?

We incorporated an enormous amount of support into this training. Here are the different ways to get it in a nutshell:


  • VIP Office Hours with your teacher
  • Private Facebook Group where the Gentle Trauma Release Institute staff hangs out every day
  • One-On-One Mentorship Session with your teacher customized personally to you
  • Personalized Comments to your written assignments
  • Gentle Trauma Release Institute staff that you can reach via email any time
Is there a next level to this training?

For the time being, we consider the Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training so comprehensive and wholesome that we don’t see the need for another level of training of a similar format. Once you go through the training and complete your practice hours, you will have everything you need to incorporate the Gentle Trauma Release Method © into your work.

Having said that, we have a post-certification support system in place for our graduates. It is called The Graduate Club. The Graduate Club is our way of keeping you GTR-updated , expanding your knowledge in the areas of Psychology, Coaching, Client Personality Typology and more. It includes practical business and marketing materials, too. The Graduate Club allows you to have your Microsite built and maintained by us and gives you access to a Social Media Kit. Being a Graduate Club member will make it possible for you to attend regular Virtual Office Hours as well, including our Soulful Business Labs. We will provide you with detailed information on the Graduate Club once you become a graduate. Either way, we won’t “abandon” you after you become a certified Gentle Trauma Release © Practitioner. We will continue to support you.

What if I can't take the training right now? Will it be offered in the future?

At this stage, we are planning on running the training twice a year -in September and February. We might transition into opening only one class per academic year in the future. But either way, we are here to stay.

Make sure that you don’t miss the enrollment dates and promotions by signing up to one of our email lists and we will keep you in the loop.


What will I graduate with?

You will graduate with the designation Gentle Trauma Release © Practitioner which you’ll be able to officially use from the moment of your graduation. 

A diploma released by the Gentle Trauma Release Institute will also be mailed to you right after you pass your Final Exam and graduate. 

What is the overall cost of this certification training?

At this point, we offer the Gentle Trauma Release Method © Certification Training at $7497 USD. We offer a selection of payment plans to make the training more doable for our students. Payment plans are offered once the student application has been approved.

Is this for my own healing, as well?

The Gentle Trauma Release© Certification Training was primarily designed to teach the Gentle Trauma Release Method© and to train students in it so that they can use it in their own client practice.

Having said that, the healing is usually and happy and inevitable by-product of taking the Training. This is because you will be asked to practice the GTR© healing protocols on yourself before applying them on others. Also, personal healing happens organically as students dive into the learning materials (e.g. watching the GTR© video Case Studies) or by participate in the Virtual Office Hours where others share their own healing stories or their client healing stories.

You don’t have to do much for your healing to happen when taking the GTR© Training. It usually takes a natural, organic course.



The gates are open !

Next class opens in September 2022.

Sometimes, there are a few spots available for open enrolment. If you wish to inquire about spots available, send us an email to info@gentletraumarelease.com or through the Contact page.

To get on our waiting list, please make sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our email list so that you get the latest news about the next training!